Santas Wanted! [UPDATED]

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It's the season for giving! So, why not become a Santa and give World of Warships players different presents like camouflage, consumables and premium ships!

For those of you who want to volunteer to become Santa, we prepared three different containers for you to choose from!

You won't know what you will get from these containers until you open them in game, but it will surely be worth more than the price tag!

Become a Santa this holiday season, and give yourself or your comrades a special treat!

Action Stations!

Santas Wanted!

Event Start: 22/12/2016
Event End: 19/01/2017 07:59 UTC+8 [UPDATED]

Contents of the Containers

Santa's present all include some nice items, but what's inside is a mystery until you open it!

No matter what you get, it will be worth equal to or more than the price of the package!


Container Price You can obtain 
one of these!


Commander's Present

USD 1.00

  • Doubloons
  • Camouflage
  • Signal Flags
  • 30 Days Premium Time
  • Credits
  • Warspite
  • Molotov


Captain's Present

USD 3.00

  • More Doubloons
  • More Camouflage
  • More Signal Flags
  • 90 Days Premium Time
  • Emden
  • Indianapolis
  • Blyskawica


Admiral's Present

USD 5.00

  • Even More Doubloons
  • Even More Camouflage
  • 180 Days Premium Time
  • Ishizuchi
  • Atago
  • Prinz Eugen


Not including the ships listed above, there is a chance of an addtional super prize drop, which contains one of the following vessels: Murmansk, Atago, Atlanta, Warspite, Marblehead, Tirpitz, Imperator Nikolai I, Mikhail Kutuzov, Blyskawica, Lo Yang, Anshan, Texas, Molotov, Indianapolis, Sims, Gremyashchiy, Arizona, Scharnhorst, Ishizuchi, Emden.

If you get a ship you already own, you will receive full compensation in Doubloons.

Once opened these Containers cannot be refunded.

The player receiving the gift needs to either check the registered email address or login to the portal website and check the notification system in order to view the link to accept the gift. The gift needs to be accepted within 30 days. If the receiving players fails to accept the gift within 30 days, an amount of Doubloons equivalent to the price of the gift will be credited to the player who sent the gift.