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Wargaming Gathering 2017: New Zealand

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Rejoice, people of New Zealand; the next Wargaming Gathering will be held in the city of Wellington!

[Onground Event] WG Malaysia Community Games

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Join us in Selangor on 29th April, 2017 (Saturday) to meet fellow commanders for some fun and games!

Wargaming Gathering: Q4 2016

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Wargaming Gathering Q4 2016 is coming! Read this article to find out where it will be held this time. Let's Gather!

[SG] Wargaming Gathering at AFA: November 2016 [UPDATED]

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This time around, Wargaming Gathering Singapore will take place at Anime Festival Asia Singapore! Read this article to find out what's in store for you. [UPDATE...

[PH] Wargaming Gathering: Q4 2016

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It's that time of year again! Wargaming Gathering will happen soon, so be sure to RSVP and book your slot!

Wargaming Gathering April 2016 [Updated]

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The biggest Wargaming community event returns in 2016 with up to EIGHT venues in April/May. Find out when, where and how you can secure a place at the nearest o...

[TW] TpGS 2016 5th Day Recap!

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Today's the last day of TpGS 2016! Whether or not you came by to visit us, don't miss our recap!

[TW] TpGS 2016 4th Day Recap!

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TpGS 2016 will come to an end, if you are too busy to come with us, please read the recap of Wargaming booth!

[TW] TpGS 2016 3rd Day Recap!

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Today is already the 3rd day of TpGS 2016, our shows and programs are more and more exciting!

[TW] TpGS 2016 2nd Day Recap!

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The second day of TpGS 2016 has passed. Check out what happened here!

[TW] TpGS 2016 1st Day Recap!

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Come to read out TpGS 2016 1st Day Recap right away!

[TW] TpGS 2016 Wargaming 1st Day (Jan 29) Program [Update]

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Tomorrow is the first day of TpGS 2016! Come to check what excellent programs we have in the store!

[TW] TpGS Pre-Show Press Conference Review

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We've got more exciting information about 2016 TpGS! Read this article to find out what's in store!

[TW] Wargaming @ Taipei Game Show 2016 - No more than 2 weeks away!

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Exciting events and exclusive content await you at the Wargaming Booth at Taipei Game Show 2016. Read this article for a sneak peek!

Wargaming at Taipei Game Show 2016

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It's official: Wargaming will participate in Taipei Game Show 2016! Please look forward to it!

Wargaming Gathering: December 2015 [Updated]

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What better way to celebrate the festive season than with your fellow Commanders? Join us at this December's Wargaming Gathering for good times and great prizes...

[TW] Glorious October: A Recap of Wargaming Events in Taiwan!

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This most glorious October, Wargaming's Taiwan office held two events, one in southern Taiwan and another in northern Taiwan, all the same time!

30 October - 01 November: PAX Australia

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Starting from October 30th to November 1st, Wargaming will be taking part in the PAX Australia 2015 in Melbourne, Australia! See you all there!