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Ship Scuttling at Scapa Flow

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"It was unthinkable to surrender defenceless ships to the enemy. We officers were bound by a decision of the All Highest to destroy them."

Not Historical? Maybe!: When Stems Collide

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Get clear! Evacuation!

Paper Ships: Cruiser Budyonny

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Twice a month, historical articles from the new Paper ships series will tell you about the ships that did not make it past the design stage in real life, but sa...

USSR reconnaissance aircraft

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The idea of the possible use of aircraft in the navy resulted in efficient technical solutions that undoubtedly deserve your attention.

Midway Atoll: Duel of Aircraft Carriers

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The history of the battle that stopped the Japanese "tsunami".

Camouflage History: the First Touch

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When did they start applying concealment paintings on ships, and which Navy was the first, British or Russian?

The Story of Admiral Halsey

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Highlights of the military biography of an Admiral that possessed distinctive combat qualities.

Battle of Jutland: Battlecruiser Invincible

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The ultimate battle of the glorious flagship.

Marat. Story of a Veteran

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Learn more about the history of battleship Marat directly from someone who served aboard her

The last U-boats of the Kriegsmarine

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The history of anti-submarine warfare involving surface warships in May 1945.

Division and Destruction of Kriegsmarine Ships

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How did the victorious countries divide the rest of the German fleet?

Soviet Navy and Trophies of World War II

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How many enemy ships did the USSR receive as war reparations?

United States Navy at the Beginning and End of World War II

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How did the American fleet change during four years of war at sea?

British Navy at the Beginning and End of World War II

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How did the Royal Navy change during six years of war at sea?

Asashio: Between Courage and Recklessness

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The true pinnacle of the Japanese Navy’s arms race

Asashio: Fleet-based Destroyers’ Milestone

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Asashio arrives to World of Warships!

She is a Sea Captain

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[Spotlight] World Navy Uniform with World of Warship Commanders

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Learn about the military navy uniforms from around the world, depicted by the World of Warships Commanders!