[Maintenance] Version 0.6.4 [UPDATED]



Please be informed that the World of Warships server will undergo brief maintenance to implement Version 0.6.4.

Maintenance Start: 20/04/2017 @ 05:00 UTC+8
Maintenance End: 20/04/2017 @ 07:00 UTC+8

Please view the patch notes below for further information.


Patch Notes

French Cruisers | Interface | Ship Balance and Appearance Changes | Maps and Weather | Technical Updates | New Content

French Cruisers Are Here

French cruisers are here!

The new branch includes Bougainville, Jurien de la Gravière, Friant, Duguay-Trouin, Émile Bertin, La Galissonnière, Algérie, Charles Martel, Saint- Louis, and Henri IV.

The French ships promise to make things hot for ships from other nations.  Each ship of this branch is peculiar in its own way.

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Highlights of the New Branch

  • The branch starts with light cruisers equipped with powerful artillery of the following calibres: 165 mm for Tier II, 139 mm for Tier III, 155 mm for Tier IV, and 152 mm for Tiers V and VI. The armour-piercing potential of these armaments is very high, and the firing range is more than comfortable.
  • The Tier III–IV ships carry effective torpedoes with a range of 6 km and the torpedo tubes come with comfortable firing angles. From Tier V and up to the last tier in the branch, torpedo ranges increase up to an impressive 9km.
  • Starting from Tier III, all French cruisers have torpedo protection. From Tier VII, damage received by torpedoes is reduced by 16%.
  • Tier VI marks the transition to heavy cruisers; the Tier VI ship features a 105 mm armor belt. Also, the Engine Boost consumable that is unique to cruisers becomes available from this tier onwards.
  • The Engine Boost consumable provides a bonus to the maximum speed of the French cruisers: a 15% bonus for Tiers VI and VII and a 20% bonus for Tiers VIII–X. These consumables will be active for 180 seconds for all tiers.
  • Ships of Tier VII–IX are fully-equipped heavy cruisers with powerful long-range 203 mm guns, decent torpedo armament, and blazing speed compared to other cruisers, thanks to Engine Boost.
  • The top ship of the branch is the Tier X heavy cruiser, Henri IV. The 240 mm calibre of its guns is record size among the Tier X cruisers. Besides this, the ship features the highest standard speed of all its peers.

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We're increasing the space for usernames displayed in the in-game stats (Tab key) by approximately six to seven characters, and by four to five in the post-battle stats.

With the approach of a Cyclone, your spotting range decreases gradually. Your exact spotting range will now be displayed on the screen on the Cyclone approach indicator.

In addition, we've also added two new game window modes: a window with no border, and a "borderless" full-screen window.



Added system notifications for:

  • Creating a Clan
  • Adding or changing Clan description, name, or tag
  • Inviting players to a Clan
  • Joining or accepting a Clan invite
  • Leaving a Clan
  • Excluding a player from a Clan
  • Changing positions
  • Delegating Clan management authority

We also added a context menu for the "Clan" tab, ideal for both players searching for a suitable Clan and players who are already in one. You can open it by right-clicking on a Clan or player name in the "Clans" section.

Added a soundtrack for the "Clan" tab, plus Port music and notifications when interacting with interface elements for both a Clan player opening the Clan tab in their Port, and for a non-Clan tab when you go to the Clan page from the account menu.

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Ship Balance and Appearance Changes

Basic sea detectability range decreased for:

  • Grozovoi: reduced from 8.82km to 8.29km
  • New Orleans: reduced from 12.42 to 11.82km

Main turrets turn time reduced:

  • Mogami 155mm guns: from 51.4s to 36s
  • Fubuki, Akatsuki, Kagero: from 30s to 26.1s
  • Yugumo, Shimakaze: from 25.7s to 22.8s
  • Mutsuki stock guns: from 30 seconds to 25.7 seconds

Other Changes

Admiral Hipper, Hindenburg, Prinz Eugen, and Roon: Thickness of fore-end plating, aft-end plating, casemate plating and respective decks increased from 25mm to 27mm.

These changes should improve the survivability and combat effectiveness of the above cruisers. Their hull sections can now withstand hits from 155mm HE shells (without the bonus given by the "Inertia Fuse for HE Shells"). The 27mm armor can effectively counteract the "guaranteed" armour penetration ability of 380mm and 381mm AP shells. [UPDATED]

Des Moines: Armour thickness of the upper deck in the midship section is increased from 27 mm to 30 mm. Now this part of the ship can withstand hits by HE shells with a calibre of up to 180 mm (without the bonus given by the "Inertia Fuse" skill). The armour is capable of effectively counteracting the previously "guaranteed" armour penetration ability of all guns in the game, except the 460 mm guns of Yamato.

Shimakaze, Yugumo, and Zao: Detectability range of Type F3 torpedoes reduced from 1.9km to 1.8km. 

For Shimakaze, the detectability range of Type 93 mod. 3 torpedoes reduced from 1.9km to 1.7km.

Destroyer Commanders should play aggressively with Type F3 torpedoes, as they require maximum concentration with a high cost for errors. If you select the right target and launch your torpedoes at the right moment, your risk will pay off. The decrease in torpedo detectability range will allow you to demonstrate your close-range skill and pose a greater threat for enemies within an 8km radius, especially artillery destroyers.

Type 93 mod. 3 torpedoes are best used for less risky gameplay, though we noticed that these torpedoes are less threatening to enemy ships due to their excessive detectability distance and moderate 67-knot speed. The reduction of their detectability range to 1.7km should make playing Shimakaze in this configuration more comfortable while enhancing the destroyer's role in fighting moving enemies or stationary ships in a smoke screen. 

Tirpitz: Increased the normal firing range of the secondary battery from 4.5 km to 7 km

König: Accuracy sigma parameter reduced from 2 to 1.8

Khabarovsk: Basic rudder shift time increased from 6.1s to 11.1s

Ship Appearance Changes

We’ve improved the exteriors of the following Tier X ships:

  • Gearing, Des Moines, Montana, Midway, Zao, Yamato, Hakuryu, Shimakaze, Moskva, Hindenburg and Minotaur.

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Maps and Weather [UPDATED]

We improved the appearance of the in-game maps, and paid specific attention to Hotspot and Neighbors.

  • Improved Ring, New Dawn, Trap, Islands of Ice, Islands and Trident
  • Ring and Haven: Weather may change to "rain" or "cloudy" during a battle.

New Port

Look for a new Port for players with a Premium Account: "Naval Base", inspired by actual shipyards like Norfolk Navy Yard from the early 1940s. "Naval Base" replaces "Hawaii," the current Premium Port. "Hawaii" will be converted into a standard (non-Premium) Port.

Look for dynamic lighting and varying ship spawn locations in the Port -- "Naval Base" is different from every other Port in World of Warships because it has three different spawn locations, and the point your ship appears in depends on its class and size.

Now you can adjust the dynamic lighting quality level (enabled by default) in your graphics settings: "Low," "High" and "Off"

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Technical Updates


  • Fixed several Intro Mission bugs
  • Fixed game crash when replaying a recorded battle
  • Fixed overlapping ship name and win rate in Player Profile
  • Fixed cone for torpedo bomber when there is only one aircraft left in a squadron
  • Commanders from Reserve and other ships now always display after logging in again
  • Minimap circles will no longer display when entering a battle after the ship is destroyed
  • You can now drag-select squadrons on the Tactical Map
  • Game won't crash if server connection is lost as an animation plays in battle or Port
  • Fixed game occasionally closing when right-clicking in Spectator Mode
  • Fixed game occasionally closing when switching to the windowed mode with "Alt+Tab" and holding an arrow key simultaneously
  • Resolution no longer changes before changes to monitor and resolution is confirmed
  • Stopped sending post-battle surveys to players who left a battle before it ended
  • Fixed bug in which English text did not fit the space allocated to the login button
  • Nassau: Fixed bottom armor layout (won't affect gameplay)
  • Dunkerque: Adjusted conning tower aft bulkhead armor from 300mm to 250mm
  • Phoenix: Now able to reach maximum firing range with top Gun Fire Control System and stock guns
  • Colorado: Fixed the bug where the firing range with Spotting Range was longer than the maximum spotting range. Now the maximum spotting range is equal to the firing range.
  • Tachibana: Fixed the bug where a black area sometimes appeared on the screen in the Binocular View.
  • Kaiser, König Albert: Fixed the bug where despite the selected checkbox "Automatically switch the camera between the main battery mounts", the camera did not switch between the main battery groups when rotating in battle.  The camera now switches between the weapons on the bow and stern of the ship.

With the release of Update 0.6.3, we've officially discontinued support for Windows XP and Vista. Beginning with Update 0.6.4, these operating systems will cease to be supported by the game. The decision was based on them no longer supported by Microsoft. This will allow us to optimize the game for faster and more convenient operation on modern operating systems, as we integrate new graphics technologies going forward.

We want to hear from you! Be on the lookout for pop-up notifications featuring links to a survey. It's a great opportunity to give your feedback and help us make World of Warships even better!

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New Content

  • The following Premium Tier VII ships have been added to the game client for testing by developers, supertesters: U.K. battleship Hood and Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga.
  • A HSF Commander "Isoroku" (cat) has been added to the game client. Players can assign "Isoroku" to any Japanese ship, but cannot dismiss it. The voiceover for the Commander will become available in the settings only if "Isoroku" is available in the Port. Also this voiceover will be available on ships of other nations.
  • Added Duca d'Aosta Commemorative Flag.
  • Added six new achievements earnable in Clash of Elements.
Name Description
Aegaeon You were among the top 100 participants in the "Ships Sunk" category during the Clash of the Elements event.
Hephaestus You were among the top 100 participants in the "Total Damage Dealt" category during the Clash of the Elements event.
Hestia You were among the top 100 participants in the "Ribbons and Achievements Received" category during the Clash of the Elements event.
Hyperion You were among the top 100 participants in the "XP Earned" category during the Clash of the Elements event.
Poseidon You were among the top 100 participants in the "Battles Won" category during the Clash of the Elements event.
Clash of the Elements Winner Play at least five (5) battles on the winning team

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