[Maintenance] Version 0.5.2 [UPDATED]


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Please be notified that the World of Warships server will undergo a brief maintenance to deploy Version 0.5.2.

Maintenance Start: 23/12/2015 @ 05:00 UTC+8
Maintenance End: 23/12/2015 @ 07:00 UTC+8

For further information, please find the full Patch Notes located below.

Patch Notes

Mini-Client (Trial Version)

The mini-client is about 30% of the size of the complete version and it offers players to play the game without downloading it in its entirety. It offers access to ships of Tiers I and II, including Premium ships, as well as maps for those tiers. 

The main restrictions of the mini-client in terms of functionality are the following:

  • No option to create a Division
  • No option to be invited to join a Division by another player
  • No option to select a Port
  • All warships and maps (except for those mentioned above) are unavailable


Permanent Camouflage

  • Permanent Camouflage is bound to a specific (Premium) ship in this current version (will be available for regular ships in the upcoming version)
  • It is purchased only once and remains available forever (auto-resupply is free)
  • It provides additional benefits for a given ship
  • Each Premium ship owner will get a camouflage scheme for a relevant ship free of charge
  • Special New Year’s camouflage for the Cleveland, Nürnberg, Gnevny and Minekaze ships will be released as well


New Signal Flags

Zulu Hotel: [New]

  • Achievement: Confederate
  • +50% commander experience per battle

Victor Lima: [New]

  • Achievement: Witherer
  • + 1% chance to cause fire when using bombs, and shells of calibre greater than 160 mm
  • +0.5% chance to cause fire when using shells of calibre less than 160 mm 
  • +4% chance to cause flooding

Papa Papa: [New]

  • Achievement: Solo Warrior
  • +300% free experience per battle 

November Foxtrot: [New]

  • Achievement: High Caliber
  • - 5% consumables preparation time 

November Echo Setteseven: [New]

  • Achievement: Clear Sky
  • + 10% AA efficiency 
  • + 10% efficiency of the defensive armament of aircraft's rear gunners

Juliet Whiskey Unaone: [New]

  • Achievement: Liquidator
  • +15% chance to cause flooding
  • +5% chance to detonate the magazine (of your own ship, disadvantageous)

India X-Ray: [New]

  • Achievement: Arsonist
  • + 1% chance to cause fire when using bombs, and shells of calibre greater than 160 mm 
  • +0.5% chance to cause fire when using shells of calibre less than 160 mm 
  • +5% chance to detonate the magazine (of your own ship, disadvantageous)


New Achievements

Kraken unleashed:

  • A new achievement – "Kraken Unleashed" – is now available. This achievement is granted for destroying 5 or more enemy ships in 1 battle. The reward will be the "Equal Speed Charlie London" signal flag (+50% XP per battle), previously granted for the "Confederate" achievement).


Port Improvements

  • Port selection functionality has been added. Players can now select between different ports. 
  • Added new Ports:
    • The "New York" Port: a festive evening in the New York of the 1940s with its bright lights, Christmas atmosphere, falling snow, and many recognisable landmarks such as the skyscrapers of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. USS Akron can be seen in the sky.
    • The "Ocean" Port. Inspired by an idea that came from modders, we added the "Ocean" Port, the most lightweight port in the game. It allows the Port to load more quickly, regardless of PC configurations. 
  • Implemented a mechanism for displaying changes in ships' integral characteristics after the installation of upgrades, flags and camouflage, taking into account all skills mastered by the ship Commander.
  • In the Controls menu, added an option to enable/disable the display of a clock in the Port to show the current time. By default, this function is disabled. The clock will be displayed on all tabs of the Port.
  • If a camera is rotated in the Port with the right mouse button pressed, the interface fades away to show only the Port and the player's ship.
  • Added a mist effect above islands in the "Philippines" Port.
  • Ships' screws no longer spin while in port.



  • Players may enable the "ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-" mode by simply selecting the small "Anchor mark" option in the upper left hand corner of the Port Menu to enable the Yokosuka Port. This will automatically enable this special mode.
  • There will also be a series of unique ARPEGGIO Missions available for all players soon. By completing these missions, players will be able to harness the power of the infamous "Fleet of Fog" warships!


New Maps

The Atlantic:

  • A large-sized map
  • Game Modes: Domination with 3 key areas and Domination with 2 key areas 
  • Battle Tiers: IX - X


  • A large-sized map
  • Game Modes: Domination with 3 key areas and Domination with 2 key areas
  • Battle Tiers: IX - X


Changed Maps

The following maps have changed:

  • Islands
    • Added new types of trees and earth mounds.
  • Strait
    • The island located at E7, E8 was divided into two parts.
    • Added cities and other onshore facilities.
  • Fault Line
    • Added visual effects for smoke coming from house chimneys.
  • Two Brothers
    • Added cliff peaks on islands.
  • Northern Lights
    • Added visual effects for smoke coming from house chimneys.
  • Land of Fire
    • Added cities and other onshore facilities.
    • Readjusted the spawn positions for destroyers towards the center of the map.
  • Trap
    • Added cities and other onshore facilities.
  • Islands of Ice
    • Added visual effects for smoke coming from house chimneys.


Modes/settings for the Matchmaker

  • Added tournament scenarios for the "New Dawn", "Fault Line", "North", "Strait", "Land of Fire" and "Ocean" maps.
  • The "Zone" mode is disabled on the following maps: "Ocean", "Islands of Ice", and "Trap".
  • The "Encounter Battle" mode is disabled on all maps.
  • Added restrictions for the "Solomon Islands" map to be limited to battles of Tiers II to V (used to be II-VI).
  • The "Fault Line" map is limited to battles of tiers V to VII (used to be V-VIII).
  • Readjusted the randomisation priorities for maps and modes in the PvE mode. From now on, they will completely coincide with each other.



  • For Japanese air-dropped torpedoes, the drop distance in automatic mode has been recalculated. Torpedo planes will now commence their attack runs from a distance that is 15% closer to the target than before. The torpedo cone for this mode of attack at the intended point of intersection with the target is increased by 14%.
  • Implemented a converging cone for torpedoes launched from Japanese carriers in the manual mode.
  • Increased the efficiency of Air Squadron Assaults for all U.S.A. and Japanese fighters by 66%. During an air squadron assault, flight speed is increased by 15-21 knots depending on the model of the aircraft.
  • Increased the return speed of U.S. and Japanese attack aircraft by 15-21 knots depending on the model of the aircraft. This applies only to aircraft that have released their payloads of bombs.
  • Reduced the detection range of ship-launched torpedoes by 100 m to 500 m. The exact amount varies, depending on the type of torpedo. For higher tiers, the reduction of torpedo detection range is greater.
  • Reduced the manoeuvrability of ships with displacement exceeding 35,000 tons.
  • Due to a shift to a new mechanism for the calculation of AA operations, the power of AA weapons is now directly dependent on the mounted guns while the guns will be a cross-platform entity. Any change in the characteristics of a gun will result in automatic changes to the same characteristics on every ship.
  • The second type of ship consumables (“Premium consumables") will receive one additional charge.
  • In case of a through-and-through penetration to the main battery turret, the ship will suffer damage as well.
  • On cruisers, the "Repair Party" consumable may restore up to 33% of damage to the citadel.


  • For the German cruisers KolbergKönigsberg and Nürnberg, armor slopes are now taken into account in the calculation of protection for the engine and magazine, when hit by HE shell fragments. The probability of damage to the engine room from shells with a caliber below 6 inches (150 mm) or less is reduced to zero.
  • For the Karlsruhe cruiser, the main battery reload time was decreased from 8.57 seconds to 6.5 seconds.
  • For the Karlsruhe cruiser, the angles of traverse for the front turrets (towards the opposite ship side) were changed from 25 degrees to 70 degrees.
  • For the Yorck cruiser, the turrets' full rotation time was decreased from 51.4 seconds to 34.6 seconds.
  • For the Hindenburg cruiser: the anti-torpedo protection ratios were recalculated.


  • For the Hashidate cruiser: the full damage from an HE shell was reduced from 2,100 to 1,800;
  • For the Zao cruiser, the number of the ship's hit points (HP) was reduced from 44,900 to 40,800.


  • For the Erie and Chester cruisers, the casemate coating was extended from 13 mm to 22 mm.
  • The hit points (HP) for the Nicholas destroyer were redistributed. 15% of the ship's HP was redistributed from bow to stern. The firing accuracy of Hull B guns was slightly improved.
  • For the Nicholas destroyer, the option to research main guns was removed. From now on, the ship's main guns will change alongside the changes in the ship's hull: the 127 mm/51 Мк7 gun was replaced with the 127 mm/38 Мк21 gun with no option to mount the top-tier gun on the stock hull. Those players who have already researched the gun module will receive compensation of 2,500 XP points for the ship, while those who researched and mounted the module on Nicholas will get 2,500 XP points and 210,000 credits. If a player researched the gun module and mounted it, but later decided to exchange it for the stock guns, that player will also receive the same 2,500 XP for the ship and 210,000 credits while the ship will be equipped with the guns associated with the hull currently in use.
  • The Benson destroyer: Hull B was modified. During research, the main gun turret is not removed while the number of hit points (HP) was increased from 12,800 to 15,400. The AA defense mounts were modified: the integral values were increased from 19 to 20 points.
  • For the Pensacola cruiser, the number of guns on Hull A was increased from 8 to 10.
  • For the Omaha cruiser, a bug related to torpedo cameras was fixed.


  • For the Kiev destroyer, the number of hit points (HP) was reduced by 3,000.
  • Damage from the HE shells of B2LM guns was reduced from 1,900 to 1,600; the chances of causing fire were reduced from 9% to 7%. These changes were made to the following ships: GnevnyOgnevoiKievTashkent and Udaloi.


Aviation [UPDATED]

The visual representation of the aiming spread for fighters and torpedo bombers has been reworked.

Implemented a parallel, dispersing, converging and self-crossing aiming spread for torpedo bombers. These aiming spreads will be available to players once the relevant settings are enabled for the game units (ships and aircraft).

Minimised the possibility of a re-run for air groups when attacking a ship. From now on, air groups attack ships correctly the first time.

There is a time penalty for instances when an air group is completely destroyed. If a player decides to destroy the remaining aircraft in an air group to quickly launch a new one, the servicing time for that new air group will be increased to 2 times for US aircraft and 3 times for Japanese aircraft. If a damaged air group reaches the carrier and lands on it, no penalty will be applied.

Attacks can no longer be canceled if the air group has already reached the approach point.

Fixed a bug that made it impossible for a player to rotate the lower cone of torpedo planes in instances where cones were located underneath one another.

Fixed a bug that caused the final order (set by pressing and holding SHIFT) to be displayed on the air groups panel and on the air group itself rather than the current one. 


Karma System

Karma is calculated as the difference between the number of complements and reports received, and may not be less than zero. Karma Point will be displayed on the upper right hand corner of the Service Record menu, beside the Player Name.

It is prohibited to complement and report players within the same Division.

If a player is complemented or reported, a system message appears after a battle. The system message for reports will be displayed only if a player has been reported by at least two players.

The system message for complements will show the specific number of people who complemented you (without specifying their nicknames, however).


Selling Modules (Compensation)

For any sale of a ship, all modules belonging to this ship will be sold as well (at half price, and no more than one unit).

If that ship is repurchased, all modules will need to be purchased anew.

The first time the game is launched, following the release of this version, modules currently available in the depot will be sold automatically. Only one unit of each module will remain in the depot for ships that a player already has in the Port. Attention! As part of this version’s release, the majority of players will receive a large one-time compensation in credits as a result of such sales.


Intro Mission

  • Added an "Introductory Mission", a new battle type available from the Port that allows players to replay the mission under certain conditions (currently, the condition for replaying is that there should be no more than 10 Co-op or Random Battles on a player's account).
  • Added an option to select a nation for completing the Introductory Mission (U.S.A. and Japan).
  • Added a scenario for the Introductory Mission to be accessible on a Japanese ship (Japanese ships against U.S. ships).
  • Added a message about the lack of server capacity to run the Introductory Mission (if it's not possible to run it for a particular player).


Chat System Improvements

Battle Chat Channel for Divisions has been introduced to the game:

It will also be possible to disable messages in the battle chat. Either all messages, or messages from particular players can be disabled. Messages from all players can be disabled directly in the battle screen when the chat is active. Messages from certain players can be disabled in the statistics screen by pressing the TAB button. Messages can be enabled and disabled in the context menu that appears after right-clicking on the name of a particular player. 

Other Chat changes:

  • You cannot send chat messages if messages from all players are disabled
  • Quick commands and in-battle reward notifications will remain active regardless of the state of the chat
  • The chat will be automatically re-enabled once the battle, during which it was turned off, has ended.


Sound Improvements

  • Optimised the high and low sound configurations; implemented a system of priorities for playing sounds.
  • Added new music tracks.
  • Added sounds for in-battle transition between the main cameras.
  • Added new voice messages for the "First Blood" and "Double Strike" achievements.
  • The sound of quick commands will differ for the player and his teammates (added a radio transmission effect).
  • Added new complex sounds for ships' engines.
  • Added a squeaking sound that is produced once angle turning is enabled (by pressing the Q\E buttons).
  • Added a siren that will warn the player when his ship has lost 50% of her hit points (HP).
  • Reworked the general music pattern of the game.


Commander Management

  • Implemented an option to display the comparative values of the integral characteristics of a ship in a tool-tip and in the skill-mastering modal window. The comparative values will only appear if a skill directly influences a particular integral characteristic of a given ship.
  • Implemented a mechanism to cancel the dismissal of a Commander that will operate for a short period of time (at present, 5 minutes).
  • Added a list of all Commanders to the Personal File to enable a player to switch between Commanders the way they switch between ships.
  • In the event that there is a mismatch between a commander's specialisation and the ship that the Commander is assigned to, their basic specialization will be shown separately.
  • When a Commander is assigned to a ship, a dialog window will show the number of points required for retraining.
  • Players will be offered a chance to retrain the Commander automatically once he is assigned to a ship, similar to the process of purchasing and mounting ship modules after research; it will also be possible to return to the retraining process at a later stage if initially the player selected the 1st or 2nd retraining option when assigning the Commander.


Other Changes

Improvements for bot-piloted aircraft carriers:

  • Being undetected, bots will carry out patrolling operations from one carrier spawn point to another, choosing between them randomly. Bots will travel straight forward at maximum speed
  • Upon detection, bots will try to escape from enemy ships (at maximum speed, too) by making tracks. The bot will stop making tracks and proceed to the patrolling of carrier spawn points as soon as it has remained undetected by enemy ships for 30 seconds. On re-detection, bots will set a course to escape from the enemy
  • Aircraft carriers will not attempt to avoid collision with islands any more: in version 0.5.1, a change was introduced whereby carriers and battleships sought to lay their routes bypassing clusters of islands, and sticking to open water. For aircraft carriers, that decision turned out not to be particularly successful, especially on the "Strait" map. It was reversed to make carriers choose the shortest path in setting their course. Given their tendency to stay in the rear, the changes will be nearly invisible, except for maps where carrier spawn points are separated by islands, as on the "Strait" map
  • Aircraft carriers will tend to use their fighters more actively


  • Changed the parameters of the Upgrade "Target Acquisition System Modification 1”: Added the following parameters: +50% to the range of assured acquisition; +20% to the acquisition range of torpedoes.

India Bravo Terrathre:

  • The effectiveness of the "India Bravo Terrathree" signal flag has been doubled: it now provides a -10% discount for repair costs (rather than -5% previously).

In-Game Browser:

  • Added an option to watch video tutorials using the built-in browser

Until a player has reached the 4th Service Record level, the browser will be accessible through a banner in the Port; once the 4th Service Record level is achieved, the browser will appear in the Escape menu only.


System Changes

  • Improved performance of the visual effects subsystem for CPUs with more than 2 cores
  • Added a 'borderless window' screen mode (an option to launch the game client in full screen without the header and the borders.
  • Optimised the game interface in the Port and Mission´s interface in general.
  • Optimised ship carousel performance for players with numerous ships (application of filters, switching slots, enabling/disabling compact view).
  • Optimised scrolling for ranks and levels in the player's Service Record.
  • Optimised the movement of water on the surface.
  • Fixed the flickering bloom issue.
  • Added an option to change Gamma in the windowed mode, not just in the full screen mode. Any change of Gamma will apply to a 3D scene only.
  • Updated the legal information about the game.
  • Fixed an error that caused delays in the reproduction of visual effects when switching between camera modes.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused ships to twitch during turns.
  • New multi-thread patch unpacking system implemented. This allows for an increased speed of unpacking with certain PC specs. It is now also possible to pause & resume the unpacking process.
  • New game client file system implemented. All the following patches will be applied in two steps: game client core files first and content files after that.


In-Game Economy Changes

  • The reward in credits for capturing key areas in the Domination mode has been reduced by 20%.
  • In light of this, and in order to bring the amount of XP and credits earned to our planned values, we changed the reward ratios for the majority of researchable ships. We draw particular attention to a significant increase in the amount of XP and credits earned on ships of Tiers IX and X.

XP ratios increased for 50 ships, decreased for 12 ships; credits ratios increased for 56 ships, decreased for 7 ships.
Detatils are as below:

Increased XP ratios for the following ships: [UPDATED]
  • By 3% for Langley
  • By 7% for Bogue
  • By 5% for Independence
  • By 11% for Midway
  • By 6% for South Carolina
  • By 2% for New York
  • By 12% for Iowa
  • By 12% for Montana
  • By 11% for Erie
  • By 3% for Chester
  • By 5% for Omaha
  • By 7% for Cleveland
  • By 5% for Pensacola
  • By 3% for New Orlean
  • By 10% for Baltimore
  • By 9% for Des Moines
  • By 2% for Mahan
  • By 4% for Gearing
  • By 6% for Zuiho
  • By 5% for Ryujo
  • By 3% for Hiryu
  • By 5% for Taiho
  • By 12% for Hakuryu
  • By 2% for Kawachi
  • By 9% for Izumo
  • By 9% for Yamato
  • By 9% for Hashidate
  • By 7% for Chikuma
  • By 3% for Aoba
  • By 2% for Myoko
  • By 17% for Zao
  • By 3% for Umikaze
  • By 10% for Shimakaze
  • By 11% for Hermelin
  • By 7% for Drezden
  • By 11% for Kolberg
  • By11 % for Karlsruhe
  • By 4% for Konigsberg
  • By 11% for Nurnberg
  • By 11% for Yorck
  • By 7% for Hipper
  • By 11% for Roon
  • By 11% for Hindenburg
  • By 11% for Orlan
  • By 22% for Storozhevoi
  • By 22% for Derzki
  • By 17% for Izyaslav
  • By 13% for Gnevny
  • By 8% for Ognevoi
  • By 11% for Khabarovsk
Decreased XP ratios for the following ships: [UPDATED]
  • By 3% for Wyoming
  • By 3% for St. Louis
  • By 4% for Phoenix
  • By 2% for Clemson
  • By 2% for Myogi
  • By 2% for Kongo
  • By 3% for Fuso
  • By 3% for Nagato
  • By 6% for Amagi
  • By 7% for Kuma
  • By 8% for Isokaze
  • By 2% for Hatsuharu
Increased credit ratios for the following ships: [UPDATED]
  • By 8% for Langley
  • By 9% for Bogue
  • By 11% for Independence
  • By 9% for South Carolina
  • By 4% for New York
  • By 7% for North Carolina
  • By 11% for Iowa
  • By 28% for Montana
  • By 7% for Erie
  • By 7% for Chester
  • By 7% for Omaha
  • By 7% for Cleveland
  • By 4% for Pensacola
  • By 2% for New Orlean
  • By 7% for Baltimore
  • By 5% for Sampson
  • By 11% for Wickes
  • By 10% for Clemson
  • By 10% for Nicholas
  • By 13% for Farragut
  • By 5% for Mahan
  • By 3% for Gearing
  • By 15% for Hosho
  • By 16% for Zuiho
  • By 8% for Ryujo
  • By 2% for Hiryu
  • By 7% for Kawachi
  • By 5% for Izumo
  • By 8% for Yamato
  • By 12% for Hashidate
  • By 5% for Chikuma
  • By 5% for Furutaka
  • By 5% for Aoba
  • By 17% for Ibuki
  • By 9% for Umikaze
  • By 9% for Wakatake
  • By 8% for Mutsuki
  • By 6% for Hatsuharu
  • By 9% for Fubuki
  • By 16% for Shimakaze
  • By 12% for Hermelin
  • By 6% for Drezden
  • By 10% for Kolberg
  • By 11% for Karlsruhe
  • By 5% for Konigsberg
  • By 10% for Nurnberg
  • By 11% for Yorck
  • By 6% for Hipper
  • By 8% for Roon
  • By 11% for Hindenburg
  • By 4% for Orlan
  • By 18% for Storozhevoi
  • By 15% for Derzki
  • By 17% for Izyaslav
  • By 18% for Gnevny
  • By 16% for Ognevoi
Decreased credit ratios for the following ships: [UPDATED]
  • By 3% for Ranger
  • By 6% for Lexington
  • By 7% for Wyoming
  • By 7% for Benson
  • By 6% for Zuikaku
  • By 9% for Taiho
  • By 3% for Fuso


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