The Ring — Announcement

The Ring is a competition in which contributors can fight for the title of Commander in World of Warships.

Dear World of Warships players, vote for your favorite participants by clicking Like and leaving your comments, and don’t forget to complete the missions yourselves.

Here you can read the competition rules and see the list of participants, round results, and a video with the announcement of new missions.

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All the world’s a stage!

This summer, we will challenge our Community Contributors! Are you ready to fight for the privilege to become a Commander in game? We are waiting for you to apply, hashtag #IAMCOMMANDER is already in action!

Contributors, complete the task mentioned in the video with hashtag #IAMCOMMANDER on your personal YouTube channel before July 20th. We will select the contestants on July 23rd!

Don’t forget, that we can not select the contestants without you, our Players! Based on the public vote and a simple formula, contestants will be eliminated every round! Over 5 weeks we will find out who deserves the honor to become the Commander! May the best commander win!

Prepare for fierce battles and hard combat missions, subscribe to our official WoWs Global channel to keep up with the action, and make your vote count to decide this battles outcome!


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The results of application review will be published on 23 of July.

The Ring Competition Rules

Entry Conditions:

  • Participants must be current members of the World of Warships Community Contributor Program.

How to Enter:

  • Entrants must post a 3-minute video on their own YouTube channels with the hashtag #IAMCOMMANDER in the title. In this video, contestants must tell us who they are, how they intend to win, and why they deserve to become an in-game commander in World of Warships. The 10 successful candidates, who have been selected to participate in the competition, will be announced in a special video on the Official World of Warships YouTube Сhannel.
  • In subsequent rounds, contestants will be required to complete in-game missions, revealed in later videos published on the Official World of Warships YouTube Сhannel, and send their videos directly to the WoWs Team.
  • In this video, they will show how they completed the task and provide proof of their success, along with a commentary posing as a commander of the nation they are representing. This video will be uploaded to the Official World of Warships YouTube Сhannel where the audience response will be gauged and measured to determine who will proceed to the next round.


  • Eight of the initial ten competitors will be selected internally by the World of Warships Team. The remaining two competitors will be decided through a public vote.
  • The success of each of the subsequent round videos will be determined using a formula to gauge audience engagement and response. The formula will result in a value that means a competitor with a large channel will have to work just as hard as a competitor with a smaller number of followers. This formula is as follows: (VIEWS + LIKES + COMMENTS) / SUBSCRIBERS AMOUNT

Time Frames for Submission and Voting:

  • Friday: Video published on the Official World of Warships YouTube Сhannel with the task description and mission code.
  • Saturday–Sunday: Competitors complete the set task, make a video, and send it to the World of Warships team.
  • Monday: All videos are uploaded and published simultaneously on the Official World of Warships YouTube Сhannel.

    Participants may boost their chances of success by uploading a teaser to their own channels, urge their audience to support them by watching their submission on the World of Warships channel, and highlight the need for the watcher to like and comment on the video.

  • Tuesday–Thursday: Voting process. Data is collected and calculations are made to find the winner.
  • Friday: The winner(s) of the round will be announced in a special video on the Official World of Warships YouTube Сhannel.

Staged Reward System:

  • With each round, all competitors will earn codes to giveaway to their audiences. These rewards are cumulative, the longer a competitor remains in the competition, the more rewards they earn.
  • Rounds 1–4: Winners will be granted 10 CCT Container Codes each. Losers will earn 30 Container Сodes each.
  • Round 5—Final: The winner will be crowned a Commander with a trip to St. Petersburg. The participant who takes 2nd place will earn 40 additional CCT Container Codes.

Get ready to fight to the very end!