New Year Triple Special is LIVE!


As we approach the end of another year, we would like to express our gratitude to our players with a New Year Triple Special!

Find out the details below!

Action Stations!

Hunt for Graf Spee / Santa's Christmas Convoys | End of Year Achievement Marathon | Santas Wanted

Hunt for Graf Spee / Santa's Christmas Convoys

Itching to get some action during the holiday season? Why not try out the two special  Holiday Campaigns?

By completing the "Hunt for Graf Spee" campaign, you will be able to earn German Tier VI Premium cruiser Admiral Graf Spee... completely for free!

The latter Campaign will only be available for Admiral Graf Spee owners. Your reward for completion will be unique permanent Camouflage for select regular/premium ships!


More Details Here

End of Year Achievement Marathon

Search for hidden holiday achievements and win Signal Flags, Camouflage, New Year Camouflage and more!

The total number of holiday achievements will be tallied within the server. There will be bonus prizes for reaching a certain goal!


More Details Here

Santas Wanted

We want you... to be the Santa Claus for World of Warships!

Treat yourself and your comrades with secret presents. If you're lucky, you might be able to win Premium Ships! 

More Details Here

"Santas Wanted" Special Event Page