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The destroyer is the fastest and most maneuverable type of warship. The light armor protection ensures perfect speed and maneuverability, while the torpedo armament guarantees a highly effective attack power. Destroyers may use smoke screens in the battle, which allows them to conceal their own attack or hide allied ships. This type of warship may successfully act both as part of a squadron and in the single hunter mode. By ambushing the enemy the destroyer is able to wreck any adversary.

This type of warship differs a lot depending on the nation. American destroyers are equipped with effective and rapid-firing guns, while Japanese destroyers are characterized by more powerful torpedoes and lower detectability.



Torpedo Armament

A single successful torpedo attack from a destroyer may wreck a ship of any type.

High Mobility

Exceptional speed and maneuverability allow the destroyer to stay out of reach of the enemy aimed fire and effectively strike back.

Smoke Screen

The Smoke Screen allows the destroyer to hide a part of the map or a ship division, suddenly attack the enemy, or provide cover to the allies when retreating.


  • The main advantage of the destroyer is its high maneuverability and daring attacks. So, engage in a close battle without hesitation! Using a fast-moving destroyer you may allow yourself the risk of coming close to the enemy, unload you torpedo tubes, and withdraw in search for a new prey without receiving any damage from the enemy.
  • Torpedoes are your main type of armament. A single successful torpedo launch may even destroy a battleship. However, don't haste when getting ready for a torpedo attack. Fire a single torpedo spread first and wait for the enemy's response, who may always change the course. Then launch another torpedo spread taking into consideration the enemy's behavior and leaving them no chance to dodge your attack.
  • Benefit from the landscape peculiarities. Islands and narrow passages will give you an advantage over slow and heavy ships. Ambush your enemies, and your attacks will be hardly dodgeable.
  • Don't mess with an enemy you can't deal with. Destroyers are good at fighting against slow battleships and aircraft carriers, but an encounter with a cruiser may be a fatal surprise.
  • Use your Smoke Screen charges effectively. A smoke screen is normally more useful when ambushing or retreating than when attacking the enemy. Remember that smoke screens deployed by your enemy may mask your movements, while smoke released by you may be an obstacle for your allies.
  • To be more sure in choosing the direction of your movement, you may master the Situation Awareness skill of your destroyer’s Commander. This skill will let you know when your enemy finds your location.
  • Don't abuse the Binocular View mode. The destroyer is ideal for maneuvers and torpedo attacks, and by switching to the artillery you may miss a perfect moment for an attack.