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The cruiser is a multipurpose warship type. Their configuration diversity makes them the most versatile warships on the battle scene. On the one hand, cruisers are equipped with reliable armor and powerful armament; on the other hand, this type of ship is maneuverable enough to dodge battleship fir e and torpedo attacks. Their rate of fire strikes terror into destroyers. Their AA guns are a pain in the neck for aircraft carriers. Besides, many cruisers are equipped with secondary armament and torpedoes, which makes them even a more menacing enemy in a close battle.

Starting from Tier VI, American cruisers are not equipped with torpedoes, but their artillery and AA guns allow them to effectively fend off enemy aircraft. Japanese cruisers share much in common with destroyers: they are more vulnerable to aerial attacks in particular, but their artillery and torpedoes grow more powerful along with each tier increment.



High Accuracy and Rate of Fire

High accuracy and rate of fire allow cruisers to cause severe damage to ships of any type.

Most Powerful Antiaircraft Artillery

Multiple AA guns ensure reliable protection from enemy aircraft attacks.


The combat use of cruisers is quite wide. It includes protecting allied ships from torpedo and aerial attacks, performing artillery attacks, and capturing bases.


  • The cruiser is an elite type of warship in its way. Shooting down enemy aircraft, hunting destroyers, and providing cover for allies – these are just some of key missions of the cruiser. Their versatility and multipurpose performance are revealed to the utmost when operated by players who are able to quickly and effectively run multiple missions all at once.
  • The artillery installed on cruisers is typically characterized by a high rate of fire. To enjoy this advantage to the full extent, actively use the Sequential Fire mode.
  • Cruisers can be often found on the front line, engaged in the heat of a crossfire fight. It is quite risky, but a skilled player may avoid many threats. Perform maneuvers and try to avoid damage to the citadel and magazines located in the center of the ship. This will significantly reduce the risk of critical damage.
  • Avoid battleships. This type of ship poses extreme danger to the cruiser, whatever the distance. In a close battle, they may be defeated only with the help of torpedoes.
  • Use the cruiser as a floating AA armament base, providing cover to your allies with your antiaircraft guns. Try to cooperate with your teammates and act as a team. A group of cruisers acting in concert is a real pain in the neck for enemy aircraft. The efficiency of the allied AA armament increases manyfold, and the enemy feels completely at a loss amid the storming fire.
  • The efficiency of your AA armament will increase significantly if the cruiser’s Commander learns the Defensive Fire skill. This skill will allow you to increase your AA armament power for a while. Use it rationally and try to keep it until really serious threats emerge.
  • When under attack of multiple air groups, you may press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then click to select the priority target for your AA guns.