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Battleships are true heavyweight boxers and a fleet's elite. Their powerful armament will instill fear into any enemy, and the thick armor will make you self-confident and calm, despite of the ship's low speed and maneuverability. These giants can with equal effectiveness remain in the rear, crushing enemies by the brute force of their artillery, or stay in the forefront, taking the enemy's strikes upon themselves. The first is more typical for Japanese battleships, which enjoy unparalleled range of fire. The Americans usually operate on shorter distances, but feature better armor and anti-aircraft (AA) guns.




Firing from the very limit of detectability range, battleship guns are able to penetrate the thickest armor and cause huge damage.

Enormous Survivability

Having good armor and impressive size, battleships can survive the strongest attacks and deliver devastating counter strikes.

Control of Battlefield

Battleships can cover whole directions, forcing the enemy to look for other lines of approach.


  • Since gun aiming and loading are pretty slow on a battleship, try to decide what shells to use and what sector to control at the beginning of the battle. The accuracy of shots is the key to success here. Make trial shots first. Don't fire a main battery salvo at once. If you haven't learned how to hit the citadel yet, fire high-explosive shells.
  • Think about your route in advance. Having imposing weight, battleships require a certain amount of time to stop and change course. Plan any maneuvers carefully to avoid collisions with friendly ships. The Autopilot mode can make this much easier.
  • Keep in the open waters. Islands prevent you from playing to the maximum of your potential and are full of threats. To avoid an ambush, launch a spotting aircraft when approaching a chain of islands. Unfortunately, seaplanes are vulnerable, and there are only a few of them on board a battleship. However, you do have to take a certain amount of risk. An excess of caution will save your spotting aircraft, but may lead to a surprise attack of an enemy destroyer on your battleship.
  • Because of their size and combat potential battleships are often attacked by enemy aircraft. Try to operate as part of a group to raise your total AA capability.
  • Thick armor allows battleships to sustain tons of damage, and Repair Work (a consumable available only for this ship type) restores some hit points. At the same time, Damage Control Party has longer cooldown on battleships, so it makes sense to save the consumable, ignoring minor damages.
  • Your secondary armament is a powerful close combat weapon. Keep in mind: the enemies will be nervous when facing you on a short distance. But don't lose vigilance! Torpedoes represent a major problem, since battleships are not good at maneuvering. Try to avoid the attack or at least minimize the damage by turning your nose towards the torpedoes.