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Off the Charts! Top Signals

The new Off the Charts! episode will reveal which signals are most favored by our players.

Sea Smackdown: Vacation and Future Plans

General News
Special episode! What does the series’ future hold?

22 - 28 June: Weekly Recap

Specials & In-game Events
Check out what happens next one week!

June Mission Briefing [UPDATED]

General News
Summer is finally here, and we’ve done our best to whet your appetite: the number of combat missions this month goes far beyond limits.

Premium Shop in June. New collection!

Specials & In-game Events
In this news digest, we'll tell you about the best deals of the month available in the Premium Shop.

Cherry Blossom: The First Nighttime Operation

General News
Are you ready to fight in the darkness of night under the flashes of illumination bombs?

Naval Legends. HMCS Haida. Trailer

General News
The new episode of everyone’s favorite series will be available soon on our YouTube channel!

Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.6

General News
What other surprises does the American cycle have for us? Find out in this episode!

Ship Scuttling at Scapa Flow

History Feature
"It was unthinkable to surrender defenceless ships to the enemy. We officers were bound by a decision of the All Highest to destroy them."

Faster, Stronger, Tougher: New Upgrades

General News
Legendary upgrades for all Tier X ships are coming in Update 0.7.6

Camouflage Design Contest - USS Helena [VOTING] [Updated]

USS Helena's new paint job has almost been chosen. Now, all we need is your vote! Get in here!

Arsenal: How to Get Stalingrad in Update 0.7.8 or later

General News
Play as usual, but receive additional resources and spend them on ships or consumables you need!

Not Historical? Maybe!: When Stems Collide

History Feature
Get clear! Evacuation!

Paper Ships: Cruiser Budyonny

History Feature
Twice a month, historical articles from the new Paper ships series will tell you about the ships that did not make it past the design stage in real life, but sa...

All but Patches: Dasha Perova vs More Questions

General News
In the new episode of All but Patches, Dasha Perova answers questions from players again!

Football patches in World of Warships

General News
Let everybody know which team you support!


General News
On June 14, 06:00 UTC+8, a small update for the game client will be released. Due to the work related to this release, the server will be unavailable from 05:00...

Public Test 0.7.6 Round 2

You won't meet new US light cruisers here, but you will have a chance to complete operation "Cherry Blossom", check out the Arsenal, and prepare for the upcomin...