0.6.2 Public Test #2 [UPDATED]

Experience the upcoming update's new features firsthand and send in your feedback!

[Video] Map Tactics: Trident

General News
Learn how to take on "Trident" in this episode of Map Tactics!

Admirals of Japan: Gunichi Mikawa and the Battle of Savo Island

History Feature
Today on Admirals of Japan, we take a look at Gunichi Mikawa, the mastermind behind the spectacular tactical victory that foreshadowed the ruinous strategic def...

[Premium Shop] US Navy Packages

Specials & In-game Events
Fly the star-spangled banner high with these premium shop packages!

Puka Puka Fleet Vol.46

Puka Puka Fleet
If you've played the game a bit, you've probably noticed your Service Record level going up. In this week and next week's volume of Puka Puka Fleet, we'll take ...

[Video] Naval Legends: Arctic Convoys Part 2

General News
The tale of the Arctic Convoys continues in the latest episode of the Naval Legends!

[Special] 1 Week Damage Challenge

Specials & In-game Events
It's all about dealing damage! Find out more about the challenge here!

[Video] Armada: Leberecht Maass

General News
In this episode of the Armada, the German Tier VII destroyer Leberecht Maass will be in the spotlight!

0.6.2 Public Test Preview

New game functions are now in the testing in the 0.6.2 Public Test. Find out the details here!

[Premium Shop] German Navy Packages

Specials & In-game Events
Three German premium ships are on sale for a bargain price! Check out the details here!

Puka Puka Fleet Vol.45

Puka Puka Fleet
Signed up for the game, but don't know how to progress through the first battles? Find out how in today's volume of Puka Puka Fleet!

[Video] Naval Legends: Arctic Convoys Part 1

General News
Learn about Allied efforts to supply the Soviet Union via the Arctic oceans in the latest installment of "Naval Legends".

Smoke Generator: Beginner's Guide [UPDATED]

General News
The Smoke Generator is a crucial element in the survival of lightly armoured ships. Learn more about this feature in this detailed guide!

[Maintenance] Version

Maintenance will be carried out on 16 February, 2017 to apply an update to Version

[Video] Head Over Keels: Unsinkable Sam

General News
Three ships, two navies, one World War. This feline's seen and survived it all!

Claim Your Public Test Rewards! (0.6.1)

Thank you for participating in the 0.6.1 Public Test! Go to the special page to redeem your rewards!

Premium Ship Commemorative Flag Gift!

Commemorative Flags will be given to Commanders who purchased certain Premium Ships from the Premium Shop before the end of January!

[Video] Naval Legends: Arctic Convoys Coming Soon!

General News
Since there's so much to say about their fascinating history, the "Naval Legends: Arctic Convoys" video will be brought to you in two parts!