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[Special] 1 Week Damage Challenge

Dealing damage is the name of the game in this challenge! Find out how to complete it right here!

Exclusive information from the producer of World of Warships!

General News
Once again we got the opportunity to invite the producer of World of Warships for an interview, where he disclosed some exclusive information!

Clash of the Elements: Finale [UPDATED]

Find out the end result of the fierce clashes between the Team Fire and Team Water in this article!

IJN Spotlight: Kaga

History Feature
Kaga was a quintessential Japanese aircraft carrier, but she was born as a result of various accidents and miscalculations. Learn all about her fascinating hist...

[Premium Shop] Japanese Aircraft Carrier: Kaga

Specials & In-game Events
Originally designed to be a battleship, the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga was an iconic vessel of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Find out more about her here!

Claim Your Public Test Rewards! (0.6.5)

Thank you for participating in the 0.6.5 Public Test! Go to the special page to redeem your rewards!

[Premium Shop] HMS Hood [UPDATED]

Specials & In-game Events
The Mighty Hood is making her way into World of Warships! Join her as she hunts down her old adversary!

The Hunt for Bismarck Begins! [UPDATED]

Specials & In-game Events
The Hunt for Bismarck is on! Take part in an all new Campaign and seek the infamous warship!

[Video] 1:42 Scale: Cruiser Moskva

General News
Learn about the Russia's Project 66 ... The Heavy Cruiser "Moskva" in this episode of 1:42 Scale!

[Special] Weekend Boost: Commander EXP (19/5 - 22/5)

Specials & In-game Events
Maximize your crew's performance through training!

[Special] Free EXP Conversion Discount

Specials & In-game Events
Free EXP conversion discounts will be available for a limited time! Find out more here!

[Special] Fetching the Cat

Specials & In-game Events
Introducing Isoroku, a new feline Commander from the anime series "High School Fleet"! He's coming to World of Warships, so don't miss him!

Wargaming Gathering 2017: New Zealand

Onground Events
Rejoice, people of New Zealand; the next Wargaming Gathering will be held in the city of Wellington!

[Maintenance] Version 0.6.5

Maintenance will be carried out on 18 May, 2017 to apply an update to Version 0.6.5.

History Spotlight: The Hunt for Bismarck

History Feature
Hunt for Bismarck is on! Read here to learn more about the famed German battleship's history!

Regarding the Expansion of the Doubloons/Credits Display [UPDATED]

The display of Doubloons/Credits will be expanded, allowing you to check the amount of purchased and earned Doubloons/Credits separately.

[Special] Weekend Boost: EXP (12/5 - 15/5)

Specials & In-game Events
Get your game face on; it's time to earn some bonus EXP!

[Premium Shop] 20% OFF Deal Returns!

Specials & In-game Events
5 new premium ship packages are available at 20% OFF! Get yours now!