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[Special] German Warships in Action

Take your German warships into battle to earn great bonuses!

Puka Puka Fleet Weekly - Vol.18

General News
How does one use Doubloons? What benefits are there to using them? Find out in Vol. 18 of Puka Puka Fleet!

[Video] Head Over Keels: Choppy Seas

General News
Aboard a stricken Soviet destroyer, a lone sailor makes a daring decision to save his ship. Witness his determination!

[Premium Shop] Combat Ready Packages

Specials & In-game Events
Hoist the colours high! Upgrade your performance with these Signal Flag sets, with consumables conveniently bundled together.

0.5.9 Preview: New Co-op Mode and Voice Communication!

Take a sneak peek at Update 0.5.9 and find out about some new features coming up: a new Co-op Mode and voice communication!

0.5.9 Public Test

Experience the upcoming update's new features firsthand and send in your feedback!

[Special] Basic of War

Specials & In-game Events
Brush up your combat techniques in this new series of battle missions!

Puka Puka Fleet Weekly - Vol.17

Puka Puka Fleet
In Vol. 17 of Puka Puka Fleet, we will show you the merits of playing the Co-op Battles!

[Video] 1:42 Scale #9: Destroyer Z-32

General News
Miniature warships tells stories of a time long past. Find out the history behind the famed German destroyer Z-32 in this episode of 1:42 Scale.

[Special] Credit Discount

Specials & In-game Events
Are you ready for battle? If not, check out the credit discount event to and get yourself prepared!

Claim Your Public Test Rewards! (0.5.8)

Thank you for participating in the 0.5.8 Public Test! Go to the special page to redeem your rewards!

[Video] Armada: North Carolina

General News
USS North Carolina is a vessel with an illustrious history. Get acquainted with her in this episode of Armada!

[Maintenance] Version [UPDATED]

Maintenance will be carried out on 13 July, 2016 to apply an update to Version

[Premium Shop] Krasny Krym

Specials & In-game Events
New Soviet cruiser joins the fight! Find out more details here!

Introducing our new Community Live-Streamers!

General News
Stuck wondering what to do to improve your game, or desperate for a gaming personality to watch while you experiment with new strategies in battle? Here's a lis...

[Premium Shop] USS Arizona

Specials & In-game Events
Sunk at anchor during World War II, the lost legend sails again in World of Warships!

Puka Puka Fleet Weekly - Vol.16

Puka Puka Fleet
In Vol. 16 of Puka Puka Fleet, we will show you how to deal with tough opponents in the earlier Tiers.

[Special] US and Soviet Missions

Specials & In-game Events
The United States and the Soviet Union clash in these nation-themed missions! Take part in some epic naval battles to rack up EXP and earn great bonuses!