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[Video] 1:42 Scale #10: Bogatyr

General News
Miniature warships tell stories of a time long past. Learn more about the Russian Navy's pride, the protected cruiser Bogatyr, in this episode of 1:42 Scale.

Naval Battles: Solomons - Battle of the Eastern Solomons

History Feature
During this battle, IJN and US carriers vied for aerial dominance over the Solomons. One vessel went on to gain a legendary reputation for defying death.

[Special] Battle of the Eastern Solomons

Specials & In-game Events
Seize control of the skies!

[Premium Ship] German Battleship: Scharnhorst

Specials & In-game Events
The famed German battleship Scharnhorst makes her debut in World of Warships!

Puka Puka Fleet Weekly - Vol.22

Puka Puka Fleet
Learn how to take cool screenshots of your favourite warships in Vol. 22 of Puka Puka Fleet!

[Maintenance] Version 0.5.10 [UPDATED]

Maintenance will be carried out on 18 August, 2016 to apply an update to Version 0.5.10.

Claim Your Public Test Rewards! (0.5.10)

Thank you for participating in the 0.5.10 Public Test! Go to the special page to redeem your rewards!

British Cruiser Branch Sneak Peek!

General News
British cruisers are incoming, as announced at Gamescom 2016. Find out more detail here!

World of Warships: Original Soundtrack Released!

General News
Wherever you may go, the song of the sea will follow.

[Special] Battleship Training & Discount

Specials & In-game Events
Command your very own floating fortress! Check out this article for battleship-themed missions and discounts!

[Premium Shop] Flag Packages

Specials & In-game Events
Running short on Signal Flags? Stock up on them with the latest packages here!

0.5.10 Public Test [UPDATED]

Experience the upcoming update's new features firsthand and send in your feedback!

[Video] Bad Advice #9: New Ship Smell

General News
The Cap likes nothing more than the smell of new ships!

Puka Puka Fleet Weekly - Vol.21

Puka Puka Fleet
Are you often the first to be sunk? Learn to use camouflage to increase your survivability in Vol. 21 of Puka Puka Fleet" !

[Special] Destroyer Training

Specials & In-game Events
Time to show off your Destroyer skills!

[Infographics] About Multicluster Technology

General News
There's more than meets the eye in our upcoming update! Find out about the innovative "Multicluster" technology here!

German Battleship Branch Incoming!

General News
In Update 0.5.10, an all-new German battleship branch will debut in World of Warships! Learn more about the latest arsenal in this article!