0.5.12 Public Test [UPDATED]

Experience the upcoming update's new features firsthand and send in your feedback!

[Video] 1:42 Scale #11: Ajax

General News
Learn about one of the first cruisers to see action in World War II, HMS Ajax, in this episode of 1:42 Scale!

[Premium Shop] Survive the 5 Packages

Specials & In-game Events
Get your game face on, sailor! Tier V Premium ships await your command!

Puka Puka Fleet Weekly - Vol.26

Puka Puka Fleet
This week's issue of Puka Puka Fleet will take you on a tour of the Wargaming Booth at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016!

World of Warships 1st Anniversary Part 2 [UPDATED]

Specials & In-game Events
World of Warships' 1st Anniversary Party is still ongoing! We've got lots more lined up for you. Find out all about it, here!

Unscheduled Login Server Down [Solved]

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the login server is currently unavailable.

0.5.12 Preview [UPDATED]

Check out the upcoming changes to Season 5 of the Ranked Battle in the Public Test! There will also be additional changes including introduction of Assist Damag...

[Maintenance] Version

Maintenance will be carried out on 20 September, 2016 to apply an update to Version

[Premium Shop] World of Warships 1 Year Anniversary

Specials & In-game Events
To commemorate World of Warships' 1st anniversary, we will be launching a huge discount sale! Find out more in this article.

World of Warships 1st Anniversary Infographics

General News
While we celebrate our first anniversary, let's have a look at some detailed infographics!

Beginner's Guide: Crash Course is LIVE!

The Cap'n and his Goldfish have created their very own how-to guide just for you! Pick up your basic naval combat techniques here!

Introducing the Japanese Destroyers Sub-Branch!

General News
We're taking a second look at Japanese destroyers! Find out what will happen in this upcoming change!

[Premium Shop] German Cruiser: Prinz Eugen

Specials & In-game Events
A new Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser is joining World of Warships: Prinz Eugen!

Puka Puka Fleet Weekly - Vol.25

Puka Puka Fleet
Get a look at the new Armour Layout viewer feature in Vol. 25 of Puka Puka Fleet!

[Special] World of Warships 1st Anniversary Missions

Specials & In-game Events
We're commemorating World of Warships' 1st Anniversary with a special set of missions! Find out more here!

Collaboration with Anime Series "High School Fleet" Announced!

Collaboration with animated series "High School Fleet" was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2016!

[Video] Head Over Keels: Lucky Miss

General News
USS Iowa saw many legendary feats in her days of active service... but none of them shine like her close call with USS William D. Porter. Yes, she was attacked ...

HMAS Perth on the horizon!

General News
HMAS Perth has been spotted! Could she be coming to World of Warships in the not-too-distant future!?